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>Meet Kokeshi Kitty! Art by @kimanh_nguyen

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Meet Kokeshi Kitty! Art by @kimanh_nguyen by 3oclockwalk
Meet Kokeshi Kitty! Art by @kimanh_nguyen, a photo by 3oclockwalk on Flickr.

Say Hello to Kokeshi Kitty! This makes tatt #5. I adore her.


>My Zearly Experience/Review

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 A few weeks ago I mentioned using Zearly for the first time and I wanted to let you know how my experience went.


  • Its a smart service and really helps you get rid of clothes that you don’t have the time or patience to sell at consignment yourself.
  • They pay for shipping on your bags.
  • They accept more than most kids consignment places. Which I appreciate since I don’t normally buy brand names. (I can’t tell you how many times other places have passed up barely worn items just because they didn’t have a big brand name on the tag.)
  • They provide great/prompt customer service and communication.
  • The business idea is a great way to stay frugal & green!


  • Their site server crashes every now and again. I’m guessing they are getting more traffic than their host can handle. I also had problems receiving confirmation emails from their system, but that very well could have been my mailbox’s issue and they could have been put in my Spam Inbox without me realizing. I brought up the issue with their customer service and they were able to take care of the issues immediately.
  • The selection is a bit small since it is still an emerging business. Which is why I want to spread the word so that more items are available for more parents!
  • For now, I recommend buying points if you already see items on the site you wish to purchase. If they don’t have your child’s size then your money could be sitting around in your account for weeks. But if you traded in items to get your points then it really is just a matter of waiting for items that suit your needs. And that’s okay with me since I didn’t spend a dime and it helps build their inventory when you trade items.

They are a new business so there are a few kinks to work out still. Think of them as still operating in Beta for all you techies out there.

All in all I remain an advocate for Zearly. I think its a great idea that I hope catches on and grows. The staff was very helpful and prompt with getting back to me. They do a great job of staying active and communicating with their customers both on Twitter and Facebook. Which I can appreciate…being the social media addict that I am 😉

>AMF Summer Unplugged Program

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>The weather in Hampton Roads for this week will reach up into the 90s! Not to mention the crazy tornadoes our area has been having. And yes, I said tornadoes. And no, tornadoes are a new thing for us and very uncommon. But for the past few weeks we have been hit with quite a few of them which is quite unsettling. We were out of power for quite sometime so our house is incredibly uncomfortable due to the lack of electricity and AC. Its times like these that retreating to a nice air-conditioned facility would be nice…like the bowling alley!

AMF is currently having a Summer Unplugged Program for families! Families with children 16 and under bowl free! (limit 2 games per day, not including shoe rental) All you have to do is register your child at the Summer Unplugged site and you will be emailed free game coupons every Sunday starting May 29th. The program runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There are also great deals for families with older children as well. Head on over to sign up and get your free bowl on!

Disclosure: all opinions stated in this post are my own as a member of One2OneNetwork.

>my thought for the day…

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>Zearly: Revolutionizing Kids Clothing

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>I just stumbled upon Zearly via As a mom, it is what I’ve been dreaming for! Zearly is an online service where you donate your child’s outgrown clothes in return for points that you can use towards “shopping” for new ones off their Zearly site.They send you a bag in the mail, you fill it up, and based on their criteria you receive a certain amount of points that you can use to get new stuff for your kiddie. You don’t even have to go to the post office to drop it off. They pay for shipping and have UPS pickup your bag right off your doorstep. It is a Godsend! Years of packing my daughter’s clothes to bring them to local consignment shops, only to find out they weren’t accepting donations or weren’t accepting my child’s size, it was rather frustrating. It seemed like they were NEVER accepting anything!

Zearly is the brainchild of two momprenuers that had similar gripes about finding something that worked for their children’s hand-me-downs. I think its amazing and quite empowering to come across women like that who find a need and do something about it. Very inspiring.

Zearly sends you one bag to fill, you can order more but I was able to fill the bag up with the contents of 2 Rubbermaid boxes. I am sending off my bag now. This is my first time using Zearly so I hope everything works out because this would be an answer to my prayers. I’m not worried though, I have high hopes for Zearly. Cheers!

My 1st bag ready to go!

>Braided Pizza Bread

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You find wonderful ideas on the Internet. I came across this via ljc’s pinterest and thought, why didn’t I think of that? It worked out bc I had already planned to make pizza bread this week, but instead of normally just rolling up the dough like I usually would, I thought I’d try out this braided version. It does make it quite prettier and I like how the ingredients are sort of oozing out, teasing your taste buds 😉 Pizza bread is a cinch to make. Just takes some Pillsbury pizza dough, pizza/tomato sauce, and whatever toppings your fam is into. Are you on Pinterest? Find me…lets share 🙂

>Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

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>In case you didn’t know, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 🙂 Reading Rockets and PBS have links to great children’s books for families of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Filipino decent. Being a Filipino American myself its important to me to educate my daughter on her other half of ethnicity. I think its great that their our more books available to her from Filipino authors. I urge you to take a look or try and find some at your local library…even if you and your family are not of Asian decent it’ll be great to teach your families of the many different Asian cultures out there.