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>Wedding: Entrance

Meet Pearl! The sweetest, most beautiful white pony I have ever met. We got to make our grand entrance to our reception with her. I never thought I would have the awesome opportunity to ride in on a pony as we were announced the new Mr. & Mrs. We figured how many other people get that chance to ride in on a pony at their reception site? The barn although, oh so hot that day, really made for a perfect atmosphere.


>Wedding: Signature Drink


Here we are toasting our Appletini’s during my lovely MOH’s speech.

For anyone who really knows my husband and I, you know we share a love for the sitcom, Scrubs. It was one of the first things we found out we had in common and our first few dates consisted of nights hanging out and watching all the seasons of Scrubs on DVD. Aaand, for the rest of you Scrub lovers you know that JD loves Appletini’s. With our green apple theme, it seemed silly to not incorporate Appletini’s as our signature drink. I recommend using signature drinks to help tie in your theme. Signature drinks are also smart if you want to save on money. If you focus on one cocktail you won’t have to spend a lot of your budget on a bunch of liquor. We also had beer, wine, and champagne available, but cutting back on the liquor goes a long way. If you’re having a hard time figuring out a signature drink for your event, try finding drinks that simply match your color scheme!

>Wedding Mess


My apologies and thanks to my then fiance and my daughter for putting up with this mess for the last, oh 2 months or so before the wedding. It was a happy day for all when the floor could finally be seen again 😛

>Wedding: Banners

>We were working on a budget with our wedding, (as I’m sure most do) and if you look in the right places you can find a world of great freebies and printables. of course is a great resource. She has these great letter templates to make banners out of. Just print them out on cardstock and cutout. I found circle punches worked great for a nice clean, symmetrical edges. Above, mine are strung up with the same twine that we used on our invites.

>Wedding: Reception Details


Just posting a few more quick images of our wedding 🙂

…the food,

and table settings…

>Wedding: Children’s Gifts

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I wanted to make the children’s gifts extra special since my daughter was going to be our flower girl. I tried to think of what I, as a mother, would want her to have. Something that wouldn’t just become clutter and be forgotten. I wanted them to have something they could actually use but that was still personal.

Again, I referenced the lovely tutorials from for these children’s capes. They were a bit cumbersome to make since I was making 4 at one time. I felt like a factory worker pumping those capes out in time. It was my first project using an applique so I had to get the hang of the stitching since I just used a zig-zag stitch. The kids loved them, because really…what kid doesn’t like being a super hero?

>Wedding: Ring Pillow

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Back with another wedding project. Sharing today with you the ring pillow I made out of the same fabric I used for the clutches. Gotta keep everything consistant and get my monies worth of course 😉 They were real simple, just two squares of fabric stitched and stuffed. Then I finished them with an embroidered ‘a’ and ‘k’ as well as our wedding date 🙂