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>Currently Obsessing Over: Jason Segel and the Muppets!

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>Jason Segel is the man of the year for my husband and I. Ever since we watched Despicable Me with the lil one, we are addicted to this funny man. So I am super excited that he is teaming up with my fave Muppets for their new movie! I can’t wait!


>Currently Obsessing Over: Neutral Nail Polish

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>I’ve never really been a fan of nail polish, just seemed like a lot of work for results that didn’t last more than a week. But I’ve been wearing it a lot more lately. I think Spring starting probably has a lot to do with it but I’m really digging neutral tone colors and pretty pastel ones. My current fave that I’ve been wearing is a shade by Claire’s called Secret Garden. I got it last year so I’m not sure if its still around but Essie has a very similar color to it. I’m loving the entire Essie Nail Color line actually. I bought a whole bunch of neutral pinks and browns recently at my local Five Below. If you have one nearby I def suggest checking them out. You can’t beat 3 for $5, especially since the Essie ones usually run about $8 at Wal-Mart, although their color selection is amazing so its pretty much worth it.

>Currently Obsessing Over: Olive Juice Mary Janes

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jazmin mary jane via

How cute are these! Ugh…can’t stand it. Once again too rich for my blood, but soo cute for the little one.

>Dear Fiance: Wedding Gift Suggestions

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>Dear Fiance,

If you need suggestions as to what to get me for a wedding present I’ve provided some help for you 😉

Yudu screen printing machine

Cricut Cake Machine
Diamond Hello Kitty Ring via

and of course a bunna! Thanks!

>Currently Obsessing Over: L of L Kiss Lock Wallet

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> The Liberty of London prints @ my favorite place Target def scream Spring. I really want this Lock Kiss Wallet. The pattern is coated cotton which means I can just wipe it clean. I lug a lot of stuff around in my wallet. Right now my current wallet is actually a clutch I bought from NY&Co. awhile back. So its sorta silly, I have a clutch within my huge 8lbs purse, a purse within a purse really. I like the added Kiss Lock section of the wallet…more for me to stuff up my wallet with 😉 Sadly, most Libery of London stuff has gone quickly. I can only find the blue print in stores and not the poppy pink as pictured. I wanted a L of L teapot also, but those too were sold out within days both in stores and online. The search continues for poppy pink…

>Currently Obsessing Over: Pocketwatch Necklaces

>Received this past Christmas; this is my new fave piece to wear 🙂 Can’t help wearing it with everything bc I think it goes so well with everything!

via fred flare

>Currently Obsessing Over: Wool/Tweed Handbags


I am def in need of one of these for Fall…

1- Gap, Wool Duffle Bag, $49.50
2,3- Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue Menswear Tote, $58.00