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>Zearly: Revolutionizing Kids Clothing

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>I just stumbled upon Zearly via As a mom, it is what I’ve been dreaming for! Zearly is an online service where you donate your child’s outgrown clothes in return for points that you can use towards “shopping” for new ones off their Zearly site.They send you a bag in the mail, you fill it up, and based on their criteria you receive a certain amount of points that you can use to get new stuff for your kiddie. You don’t even have to go to the post office to drop it off. They pay for shipping and have UPS pickup your bag right off your doorstep. It is a Godsend! Years of packing my daughter’s clothes to bring them to local consignment shops, only to find out they weren’t accepting donations or weren’t accepting my child’s size, it was rather frustrating. It seemed like they were NEVER accepting anything!

Zearly is the brainchild of two momprenuers that had similar gripes about finding something that worked for their children’s hand-me-downs. I think its amazing and quite empowering to come across women like that who find a need and do something about it. Very inspiring.

Zearly sends you one bag to fill, you can order more but I was able to fill the bag up with the contents of 2 Rubbermaid boxes. I am sending off my bag now. This is my first time using Zearly so I hope everything works out because this would be an answer to my prayers. I’m not worried though, I have high hopes for Zearly. Cheers!

My 1st bag ready to go!

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  1. >wow…that is really a great idea. I will have to remember this for one day when I have kiddos of my own!


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