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>Wedding: Bridal Tea Party

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This past Saturday was warm and sunny, perfect for a tea party. My MOH and best friend threw me a wonderful Bridal Tea/Lingerie Party.

We have been scouting out a few tea rooms in the area when we landed on “With Flair” tea room in Chesapeake. The owner Pam is the sweetest thing ever. The tea room itself is in a converted old house by Cedar Road. Her chicken salad sandwiches are on point. None of those weird cranberries, apples, or nuts. Call me old fashioned but I like my chicken salad sandwiches pretty bare bones.

She had everything you would typically want at a tea party: scones, cucumber sandwiches, pimento sandwiches and all sorts of yummy tea. My favorite is the Strawberry Pomegranate…iced or hot…its awesome.

We ate, laughed, played games…which let me stop and say I beasted at the newlywed game. Getting 10 out of 15 questions correctly…what can I say I know my fiance.

With Flair is open for lunch Tuesdays through Saturdays 11am-2pm. I hope you stop by for a bite and a slurp of tea. Tell Pam I say “hello!” 😉

tea lollipop favors made by my MOH 🙂

ps. notice I wore this dress? I had to wear my tea dress to my tea party 🙂


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  1. >I think that the bridal tea party is a great alternative to the traditional bridal party! Great inspiration!

  2. >American culture are really amazing. Like Japanese, they also adopted drinking of Tea. Anyways i would like to recommend that drinking tea with some sweet cake are much better. my family used to do these. try it but never chocolate cake, its not a good combination of food and drink.


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