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>SOL: S**t Outta Luck

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> I’m having quite an off day or few days actually…with my wedding day approaching in exactly one month tomorrow, I am officially freaking out.

I publicly apologize to my fiance, with whom I was quite nasty with last night. I had a meltdown when the last of the wedding party gifts came in and I realized that I had entered the initials incorrectly for the monograms. Call me stupid, but I didn’t know that the monogram initials are supposed to have the last name in the middle. Please tell me I’m not the only one on the planet that didn’t know this! Lets just say I don’t have a lot of monogrammed things. So sue me. So all the monograms are incorrect. I spent majority of the night whining, being rude, and tearing out stitches. There is a no return policy for personalized items at the store I bought them at so I am either stuck with a bunch of incorrectly monogrammed items or I can make the best of it and tear all the stitches out.

But still with the stitches out of a few of them… I still don’t know what to do with them. You can still tell where and what was stitched there. I was thinking I might take them to a local embroidery shop and have them redo them. But its still a matter of figuring out where to take them to and when to find the time to do it. We should get wedding leave at work. Kinda like maternity leave but for the months before…oye….is it time for the honeymoon yet? 😦


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