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>Wedding: Bridesmaid Shoes

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I really wasn’t too strict on how my bridesmaids should look. I don’t have a preference for hair, jewelry, or shoes. As long as they have the dress on the day of, we’re good. I gave my bridesmaids the option of wearing whatever shoes they liked in a color that complimented the green apple dresses. Just so they weren’t left too much in the dark I did suggest They are a dye-able sister shoe company with Payless Shoes. They have a range of colors to choose from. Being a sister company with Payless you know they will fit most budgets too. Only set back is there are not that many styles to choose from. The good thing though is Payless has some of the shoes in store, so if you did want to try on the fit and see what colors look like in person you can go to the store and see. Just go to the front and ask the sales lady for the book of colors for Unforgettable Moments. I think we’re going with the Rich Mocha to compliment the apple green. Great for prom season coming up too!

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