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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2010 is extra special for me since as some may know I’ll be getting married this year! Crazy to think that this time next year I will have a whole different lastname and be in a different tax bracket, okay well the 2nd isn’t as exciting but still.

I started the New Year off right by being uber productive in the house today. I did some Spring cleaning in the middle of Winter. What better way to start the New Year than to purge a few things?

Productivity is key this year. I must get wedding planning underway. My SIL got me this 2010 Sewing Calendar for Christmas. It’s pretty sweet, it has a detailed projects w/instructions & patterns for every few days of the year. A lot of the projects were submitted & compiled by the crafty people here in blogland. (Follow picture link for one of the contributors). Hopefully, it will help me stay productive in the crafty areas as well. Here’s to a productive, exciting, and new 2010!


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