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>Wedding: Mens Apparel

>I have learned quite a few things from wedding planning as far as wedding apparel goes. For instance Mens Wearhouse has monopolized the Hampton Roads area. I couldn’t find any other formal wear boutiques for men that wasn’t a Mens Wearhouse. I remember they had Mitchell’s Formal Wear-gone, all the places in the mall…all now Mens Wearhouses. So basically our options for groomsmen apparel was significantly limited. I originally wanted tan suits for the men to wear but after a trip to…Mens Wearhouse of course…we learned that we could only buy suits or rent tuxes. We didn’t feel comfortable making the men buy $300-$400 suits so we are now opting to rent tuxes. I’d love to do these wheat suits from J.Crew. They are reasonably priced for the quality and fit but again we feel funny making our groomsmen buy tan suits. Tan suit aren’t very practical to wear often so I doubt they would get much wear out of them. Luckily MW currently have these fabulous gray tuxes that work well with our whole casual, laid-back, summer wedding. We knew that traditional black tuxes definitely wouldn’t go. So I am happy to have the gray alternative.

Next weekend I have an appointment at All the Rage in Hilltop. I am growing more optimistic with my dress search. I visited their site and picked out a few things and I’m excited to try them on. The prices are well within my budget too so fingers crossed! I’m also confused as to whether All the Rage in Chesapeake is the same? The VB site has a disclaimer saying they are the “original” but I was always under the impression they were owned by the same people? Guess not. Just seems silly that they would have the same store name I guess? Anywho wish me luck!


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  1. >There are other choices in the VA Beach area. Dan Ryan's for Men, a tide water area staple for 40 years, is a dealer for bernard's formalwear of NC. bernard's has the grey Calvin Klein tuxedo shown in your picture, as well as 2 tan suits for rent! I've included a link to the website so that you can see the suits in question. Consider the value of dealing with a locally owned business as apposed to a national chain! check out the style gallery, page 7 for the Sand Riviera and the Tan Catalina suits

  2. >hello… hapi blogging… have a nice day! just visiting here….


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