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I really love Glee. I have always had a thing for musicals…stage, cinema, television…doesn’t matter (I can’t wait to see Nine when it comes out), so Glee is right up my alley. Personally, I think its very well written; its smart and funny. Aaand I love the character Emma’s wardrobe. Its very classic and vintage, lots of cardigans, pencil skirts, brooches, and pins…all me. I’ve been wanting/needing to make a sweater clip for myself since I don’t like actually buttoning up my cardigans for work but I like them to stay in place. The more I saw Emma’s character on Glee wearing them I couldn’t resist. So I made this yesterday and I plan to make more 🙂


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  1. >love!! can i get one for my cardigan?? =)

  2. >sure Roz, if you don't mind funding for the materials, I'll be happy to make ya one 🙂 Lemme know on FB 😛

  3. >perfect! do you think you may make one for the wedding too?

  4. >I love how she always wears cardigans. And how fun is that chain you made? Love.

  5. >That's gorgeous! Love it!

  6. >Thanks Melinda…I don't know if I'll make one for the wedding, I'll see how it fits into my whole wedding scheme I guess! Thanks everyone for the love!


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