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>Wedding: Ring sizing

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>So wedding planning has all but consumed my life. Its all I can think about. I love planning events, parties, etc. My brother-in-law can’t believe my sister and I are related since she is more of a go with the flow type and I like everything to be pretty precise. We are planning for August of next summer, but we have to finalize it with the church and see if we can get a reception venue with a matching date. And that’s were we are with planning right now.

As for my ring, that has been a slight bump in the road. I went to get it sized a few weeks ago. I needed it sized from a sz. 7 to a sz. 4.5 (yes I have small fingers.) The first jeweler I had look at it said he wouldn’t feel comfortable taking it down to a size so small bc it would jeopardize the integrity of the ring. As you can see from the picture I have two small rows of diamonds cascading down either side of my ring in a prong setting. He said stretching it would open up the prongs etc., etc. So it was either that or find a new ring. So we went back to the original jeweler where my fiance got the ring from and they said they would gladly re-size the ring. Which we were happy about. Until I got the ring back after having it sized and was totally bummed as to how my “new” ring turned out. There is a very prominent “bend” where you can see the ring was sized down and the middle part of the ring seems paper thin. I’m bummed bc I gave it to them with confidence that they’d do a good job. They were much more helpful and accomodating than the first jeweler we went to but like I said I can’t help but feel like I should have heeded the first jeweler’s warnings.

Luckily, the jeweler who did resize my ring also explained to me the option of having it taken in to get it recast in my size altogether. Granted that will take 4-6 weeks, which is why I went for the resizing option first. Either way I will most likely have it taken in to have my ring recast in my size. I wish I would have done that option first. Ahh well live and learn. So if there are any of you other ladies with small fingers that needs their ring resized, I highly recommend you just have the ring you want made in the size you need, versus having a larger ring sized down.

I don’t want to seem picky, but it is my engagement ring…something I’ll have and cherish forever…so I want it done right. Is that so wrong?


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