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>Man have I been a terrible blogger. Almost 2 weeks since my last post. Well this is one of the things that has been occupying my time. I finished a grocery tote for the July stitch-along with the HR Burda Style Sewing Group I’m a part of. I’m not one for patterns. They are quite confusing for me. I usually just wing it or use tutes but I have really been wanting to learn how to read patterns so I can start doing some more exciting things, like clothes. Sewing patterns are just difficult to read by nature, luckily I’ve been told once you learn, it just gets easier…like riding a bike. I hope so. Either way this is the Grocer Tote from Butterick pattern 5338, Bag C. It came out quite nice. I had extra bias tape left over so I decided to make it into a nice little rosette that I applied to the front of the bag. I think it really adds to it 🙂


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  1. >Your tote bag is so cute. I can tell you have such great smile. Thanks for sharing this.


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