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OMG OMG! When I saw this I nearly peed my pants! (TMI) I absolutely adored Disney’s Up and if you did too then you’ll totally understand the significance of this adorable bottlecap pin at Justbe Jewelry‘s Etsy shop. It is basically a pin that the main character’s wife gave him when they were little. I know I said it several times before…but I LOVE ETSY.

I do miss the elaborate musical numbers that were riddled all throughout the orginial Disney classics, but I am loving the thought provoking, emotional story plots with the new Disney Pixar movies. I loved Meet the Robinsons, Wall-E, and now Up all because they left me with that feel good feeling in the end. Sigh…I must have this pin.

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  1. >I loved UP! My eyes teared up a bit – was I the only one?!

  2. >Def not…I'm right there with ya!


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