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>Cucumbersome’s DIY Necklaces

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I came across this tute for Recycled Fabric Necklaces on one of my fave blogs, Cucumbersome. These necklaces are so fun to make! They seriously only take 5 minutes each to create and they instantly add to a simple outfit. I ran out to my local thrift store and bought 5 Large colorful t-shirts with the right softness and stretch (Britt does a great job at explaining what types of fabric to look for while thrifting) for only 99 cents each. Make sure you use a ruler, it helps to lessen the jagged ends when cutting. And a rotary cutter will make the cutting process much easier, although you could use fabric scissors but it might take a bit more than the 5 mins promised as well as some more sweat to cut through the four layers of fabric. I love them and plan to make more. You can wear them so many different ways. You can’t beat updating outfits with $1 necklaces you made yourself…they are addicting, I’m warning you.


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  1. >Love how the green one turned out!


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