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>99 Red Balloons…

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> …floating in a summer sky. Well there aren’t 99 Balloons here but almost! So I finally got the energy to upload my backlog of pics I’ve been meaning to post. So as promised here are the happy Hot Air Balloon invites I made for my big sissy. I knew she didn’t want the traditional baby, pinky invites so I came up with Hot Air Balloons since, as I said they were on the brain and they fit in with her whole whimsical motif she is going with in the nursery.

Her main inspiration for the nursery is based on the Ikea Fabler line and when I saw this Hot Air Balloon stuffy I knew the invites would work out 🙂

The invites are inspired from Jack and Izzy‘s Etsy store. (Gotta give credit where credit should be given). But I wanted to use my own design/colors and I used cut-out punches to add dimension to the invites. So if you like these I urge you to go visit their store. They have papergoods for lots of occasions at quite reasonable prices.


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  1. >ohhhhh, I adore those invites! Did you print them at home?

  2. >they look really profesh!

  3. >Cute and perfect! I'm all late . . .

  4. >Very interesting things!Haha~~


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