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>Got a couple of pieces of jewelry in the mail as late bday presents from the pseudo-in-laws. They were two necklaces that I requested from Anirtak‘s (Katrina’s) etsy store. I love her stores simple pieces. I love bunnas so I requested the “Lone Hopper” and the “Snippity Snip Scissors” as an homage to my love for sewing/crafting.

The cousin and I finally went to Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe over in Town Center, Virginia Beach. She’s never had a crepe before and I was craving gelato. Its the best of both worlds in my opinion 😉 The prices are typical of Town Center stuff, but very much worth it. I def suggest getting some gelato and a crepe together. So yummy ❤


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  1. >ohhh, I love jewelry! Thanks for sharing!

  2. >did you know chantelle works there? mmmm.. chocolate crepe with a vanilla soda is my fav

  3. >she does? did not see her…

  4. >i looooooove melt. too bad i can't eat it anymore…


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