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The reason I started this blog was mainly as a self-motivator for me to get my craft/sewing projects done. And for the most part it has been an incentive to sit down and actually get stuff done, but I admit I have been slacking on the projects lately. Mainly, bc I am exhausted by the time I get home and out of the office and then I have to make dinner and yada yada. So, I try to get a little crafting in with some jewelry making since jewelry projects can get done rather quickly whereas sewing projects take more time and planning. That and I really need to build my fabric stash. Its really sad. I want to be able to stock up and just pick out a pretty fabric when I want to work on something. Lately, I’ve been feeling the classic look of yellow and grey. So sophisticated and crisp with a hint of color. Perfect for the warm weather.

1. Marie Skirt, 2. Spring Top Detail 1
via Curiositys

Speaking of warm weather…I’m excited to go biking with the little one. I came across these super cute bike accessories…I already have both a bell and a front basket…but that rear basket is looking mighty fabulous!

via Cyclechic



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  1. >geez, that's a lot of money for a bell. I got one for like 5 bucks at the bike store on laskin road… of course its not as cute as that one!

  2. >Of course that pannier would be available at the UK. Hmph. Check Basil bags . .totally droolworthy.

  3. >Love those bike accessories…especially the basket! Thanks for including my pics 😀


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