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>My bday weekend…

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>I had a wonderful bday weekend šŸ™‚ The weather was awesome, got to spend time with friends and family and I did some pretty lovely things…

did some bowling…

received a sweet and much needed DS Hello Kitty travel kit to go with my Hello Kitty DS…(thnx Jo!)

contributed to Relay for Life in Currituck, NC with the family…

but most special of all…I. GOT. HER.

She’s not Bella…but I’m still naming her Bella. ;D Vanilla wasn’t available but pink is just as awesome and its from my family so it means that much more to me. Next I just have to get a bike rack for the car when we want to take Bella to the beach šŸ˜‰ It was a happy birthday indeed!


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  1. >yay, you got a bike! Riding bikes at the beach is so much fun cause you can go faster than all the tourists!

  2. >Ohhhh . . I love that basket! Now you just need a bell. The bike looks great on you . . much better than when Ryan gave it a whirl. šŸ˜‰


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