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>Memorial Day @ Colonial Williamsburg

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The Governor’s Palace

How was everyones Memorial Day Weekend? Ours was busy and eventful but fun all the same. Monday we spent Memorial Day at Colonial Williamsburg. It was Carmie and the boyfriend’s first time. I’ve been there plenty of times…growing up in the Va Beach school system there were frequent field trips to Colonial Williamsburg. I couldn’t help think how much more whimsical I remembered the place being as a kid, like the same similar feeling I had when we recently went to Disneyworld…it just feels different going as an adult. Either way I believe Carmen had fun. Most of the historical sites close by 4:30 so if you ever plan a trip to Colonial Williamsburg I suggest going early. And bring comfortable walking shoes (theres a lot of walking)…I wore my flat, no arch supported sandals…never again…I knew I’d regret wearing them, but I did anyway…ahh the prices we pay for fashion.

Hanging out with Mr. Jefferson


There were so many canopy beds in the Governor’s Palace…I want one πŸ™‚

If only Carmie’s room was as precious as this…tea set and all!

PS. Don’t forget to drop by tomorrow for the May Day/Bday Giveaway! Tell your friends!


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  1. >Great pics! We just moved from Yorktown so I now that area well. Stopping by from SMS Giveaway Day πŸ™‚


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