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>Sorry to have been slacking on the posting lately. It seems like every weekend there is some occasion or party to go to, so needless to say I haven’t had all that much time to sit down and post. Unfortunately, the only reason I have time to post something now is because I am up at midnight with a tummy ache. Poo. Ah well…at least I’m being productive…if you call blogging productive. Which I do. Since parties are what I’ve been up to lately, I thought I’d share the awesome decorating skills of a good family friend of mine, Ann. She is the talented mother of the two boys we recently went to birthday parties for. Check out these awesome cakes. Ann is self taught. No classes. She just really enjoys cake decorating and really has a knack for it if you ask me.

For her youngest son Jayden, she made the most adorable Wall-E cake. The square most part of Wall-E was cake, while the wheels were made out of rice cakes. Awesome.

Just recently, Ann’s eldest son Justin, celebrated his Star Wars themed birthday. It was layered with Mocha, Strawberry, and Lemon cake! She handmade Yoda out of rice cakes again I believe. The only thing she didn’t handcraft were the small figurines and the ship.

Being the ambitious DIYer I am. I too have ventured into cake decorating at one point. Lets just say its not my forte. It was very time consuming and I really didn’t have any fun doing it. It was very stressful for me because you have to work fast or the fondant will dry out. I made this ages ago for one of my birthdays. (Yes I made my own birthday cake. Sad I know…well with the help of Kelly) Its supposed to be a present. But later on in the evening the ribbon curls started to break in half 😦 Anyway, I’m more of a frosting girl…I usually end up just peeling all the fondant off most fondant cakes. Maybe one day I’ll try it again, in the meantime I’ll just leave the cake decorating to the talented people that enjoy doing it…I know who I’ll be hitting up for Carmen’s birthdays here on out!


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  1. >hey jerk it’s not like you made it all by yourself crying on your birthday. i DID help you!

  2. >i know ya did…i meant i made my cake as in it wasn’t made for me or bought for me. i still had a hand in my own bday cake πŸ˜›

  3. >edited just for you my dear πŸ˜‰

  4. >wow! these cakes are adorable. yum!


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