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>Darned pollen…

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>I had quite a productive weekend yet I can’t help but feel that all I did was blow my nose all day. I love Spring and I love flowers but can’t they reproduce in a less eye-watering, irritating way? I have a film of yellow pollen on my car. Poo. It was quite beautiful this weekend, but unfortunately allergies left me to retreat to the confines of my home. At least I got a leg up on some Spring cleaning…and napping 🙂 Lastly, I finished off the rest of the Easter eggs and made some egg salad. I used a similar recipe to this one, except I used chopped onions instead of onion flakes and added 1/2 – 1/4 tsp. paprika. Hope everyone had a good weekend…I’m off to take another batch of allergy medicine 😛


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  1. >mm paprika :)i hope you feel better!

  2. >It appears to be allergy season everywhere. I live in the SF Bay Area and both my hubby and I have been stricken with itchy eyes and runny noses as well. We are holding back from super medicating ourselves, but now I’m getting tempted to get a prescription.

  3. >sorry allergies do suck and its harder to enjoy the beautiful flowers when your high on drugs.


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