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>Don’t put the cart before the horse…

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>So was it silly of me to commit to buying a bike trailer for Carmen before I actually have a bike to attach it to? Haha…I couldn’t help myself! I blame it being a slow day at work and me perusing the craigslist listings. But in my defense it is in great shape, the lady was offering it for only 80 bucks, and she is just around the corner in Chesapeake. Plus, there were a lot of people looking for bike trailers in the WANTED section so I knew I had to act fast. The seller called me back quite quickly and it sorta threw me off guard, I’d figured it’d be gone already. So I had no choice but to commit. Sigh…me and my impulse buying…


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  1. >Haa haa, well, if it doesn’t work out I can buy it off you. Of course, I don’t yet have a baby to put in it. But maybe a dog would do? 😉


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