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>No longer an unfinished project…

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I whipped this little tote up last night. Its actually the first sewing project I’ve finished in awhile. Matter of fact, I started this tote a few months ago and I just finished it last night by adding the inner liner. I haven’t really done much sewing for sometime. I’ve just been busy with life and what not, and I guess it shows by how some of my stitching looks šŸ˜› I attempted to do some abstract stitch work to accent the heart, it didn’t turn out quite as I wanted but ahh well…its not much, but hey its a functioning bag that I plan to just throw whatever overflow doesn’t fit in my purse. Which is pretty sad because my bag is already pretty huge and pretty heavy. Its a good couple pounds. I don’t do small bags. Happy Friday!


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  1. >teach me how to sew pleaseeeeeeeeee i’ll trade you robert pattinson naked pictures.

  2. >I’m the same way actually, I tried using a small bag…actually a clutch/wristlet thingy for a while, but it never worked out. I would end up in the store and forget my money because I couldn’t fit my wallet in there or my id and I couldn’t purchase any drinks lol. Oh and I always lost my cellphone because I had to hold it and I would accidentally put it down somewhere. So with that being said, I stopped using small bags and I’m back to carrying a 5lb bag on a daily basis.


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