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>So I have a few guilty pleasures. And one of them is Miss Britney Spears. Now before you start judging me, let me just defend myself by saying I have been a loyal fan waaay before the shaving of the head incident and all the Baby Daddy drama. You know…when she was sportin’ pigtails and she still had a bit of baby fat in the face? Thats the Britney I know and love…I digress…I really enjoyed her “comeback album” Circus (I can’t help but love the overly digitized danceable songs okay?) so I was pretty excited when her tour started yesterday. Until, I went on Ticketmaster to find out that if I want to see Britney I’ll have to put down a car payment?! Center stage tickets will run you a cool $2,225.00 for one ticket mind you. And the cheapest thing I saw was still $185.00 and that was in the nose-bleed section. Miss Britney, I love you, but don’t you know we are in a recession? Its cool Brit, because I’m seeing Lights this Sunday at the Norva and I can watch her play original digitized songs on her key-tar for only $10. I need to learn how to play one of those…


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